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BioStudio is the complete analytics platform that empowers scientists to expand their research horizons without technical complexities.

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Explore our collection of ready-to-use notebooks and pre-installed environments, complete with executable code examples.

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Access our curated library of pre-compiled packages, designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your development process.

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Discover a range of interpretive tools for seamless data manipulation, including interactive options like Shiny apps and visualization tools.

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AI models

Benefit from our selection of pre-trained AI models, meticulously trained on comprehensive datasets to meet your specific needs.

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Accelerate Biological Discoveries with  
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Discovery Ready

Explore latest multi-omics methods with ready-to-use notebooks and packages

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Enhancing Reproducibility

Build pipeline with code transparency, parameter exploration, and interactive debugging

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Tool Library

Eliminate idle time with ready tools and applications

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Data Harmony

Connect across servers and databases with direct data flow within BioTuring Ecosystem

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AI for all

Implement AI models with comprehensive training data and computing infrastructure from BioTuring

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Analyze multi-million-cell datasets in seconds with exclusive access to Alpha SC

More accessible machine learning for life sciences

Explore latest methods with

Notebooks & Packages Drug discovery

BioStudio continually refreshes curated notebooks and packages with the latest methods. Clear instructions and result interpretations provided. Our team promptly caters to your specific needs.

Artificial intelligence in biotechnology

Accelerate your single-cell research with

Alpha SC
Drug discovery

With the most efficient GPU-accelerated single-cell data analysis pipeline from BioTuring, you can now analyze multi-million-cell datasets in seconds.

Drug discovery
More accessible machine learning for life sciences

Draw your insights freely with

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Visualization Drug discovery

Researchers can swiftly employ cutting-edge machine learning methods on their data and skillfully visualize outcomes for valuable insights.

Advance your research with

AI models
Drug discovery

We select and train numerous models on curated data from our comprehensive database for various advanced analysis purposes.

Drug discovery
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NicheNet: modeling intercellular communication by linking ligands to target genes

Computational methods that model how the gene expression of a cell is influenced by interacting cells are lacking.

Deep learning and alignment of spatially resolved single-cell transcriptomes with Tangram

Charting an organs’ biological atlas requires us to spatially resolve the entire single-cell transcriptome, and to relate such cellular features to the anatomical scale. Single-cell and single-nucleus RNA-seq.

iBRIDGE: A Data Integration Method to Identify Inflamed Tumors from Single-Cell RNAseq Data and Differentiate Cell Type-Specific Markers of Immune-Cell Infiltration

The development of immune checkpoint-based immunotherapies has been a major advancement in the treatment of cancer, with a subset of patients exhibiting durable clinical responses.

Multimodal single-cell chromatin analysis with Signac

The recent development of experimental methods for measuring chromatin state at single-cell resolution has created a need for computational tools capable of analyzing these datasets.

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